Hangry B*itches

Ladies, you’re tired. You’re overwhelmed. You feel like your hormones have gone haywire. You hate to admit it, but you feel like a Hangry B*tch.


"I almost cried happy tears today! I’ve been getting stronger and feeling better after and between meals. I’ve been stuck at 8 push ups for as long as I can remember and today I did 10! Also my squats are improving in a way I’ve never felt before and I don’t even have Sarah and Dr Brooke at the gym to “train” me! I’m following the low cortisol protocol and I’ve never felt better. I’m so happy and want to say thank you so much!"


"After killing myself with diet and too much exercise and not losing any weight, in just two weeks I lost 3 pounds with waking and the strength training template and not obsession over food or counting calories. I’m surprised but I can’t deny it’s working!"


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"After suffering from low appetite in the morning for so long and finally learning this was likely from low cortisol around breakfast time, I’ve been following all of the low cortisol suggestions….and I was hungry this morning! It’s working, it’s working!!! Breakfast soup here I come! I love these recipes because they really do work with my hormones!"


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